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Displaying 41 to 45 (of 957 features) «Previous   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  Next» featured release : DJ Madd - All Massive EP : All Massive EP

“It’s not that shocking anymore when a Dubstep guy plays some Halftime, or a House guy closes his set with a couple DnB tunes.” Whilst many purists would object, Budapest-born Peter Simon, aka DJ Madd is passionate about the richness and diversity of modern electronic music. From UK Bass, Dancehall and Dub to his unrelenting spate of Halftime flips of tracks by artists such as Calibre, Flowdan and Dillinja, Madd’s output has come a long way since his first vinyl release in 2008.

Attracting followers such as Skream, Mary Anne Hobbs and David Rodigan, Unchained Recordings is incredibly excited to be a part of the growth of Madd’s unique take on Jungle, Dub fusion and beat-driven electronic.

His new All Massive EP is a three piece club-selection combination that carries heavy bass-freight across Drum & Bass, Halftime and 140. All three tracks are amazing and charged with heavy funk-etched 808s, Jamaican flavours, rolling percs and just enough darkness to fit like a glove with a well-tuned 3am club sound-system - whilst keeping the dance floor charged with full-dial grins. featured release : Glass Roots - The Idiot

Bubbling up from the murky waters below, this sprawling and inventive side-project of Suncastle’s George Evans and Kristofer Thomas aka Paris Texas provides an amazing array of twists and turns. ‘The Idiot’ starts off with a mysterious haze which slowly rises to the surface as ‘Reds Blue’ unfolds and sets the pace for what will come. This 20-song electronic project, experimental in so many ways, still holds a melodic core throughout, that offers a delightful mix of wonderfully conceived and fleshed out sonic concepts. ‘Panther Loud’ enters with a jagged beat and soon overtakes with melancholy melodies and subtly edgy rhythms. The wholly experimental ‘Cease & Desist’, much like many of the other shorter tracks, are surrounded the more melodic fare…vignettes that loom and lurk. Each song is its own dusty gem that emerges in hugely clever treatments. This album works extremely well as a musical gestalt, and the sequencing of the tracks have been thought out with finesse, making it one of those albums that begs to be listened to in its entirety.

The chilly refinement of the exquisitely blurry, ‘Basic Curses’, invokes cold reveries as it carries us to the warbled fever dream of ‘Name For Two’. There is a strange mysticism encapsulated in their productions, with each successive track drawing from what feels like the attempt to offer ever-building additions to their musical palette. Opening with some lovely congas, ‘Elevator Policy’ continues the search for that next electronic hook with transcendent grace. ‘Daily Male’ brings us minimalistic cascading tones that open up to the steady beat-laden, ‘Flat State’, with its aching electro-synth haze. Certain tracks revel in the glory of carefully manipulated percussive strategies…all delightful, especially when placed side by side with ideas that sound as they were excavated from the ruins of an early-'70s computer lab.

The saturated beat of ‘Lets Get Into a Fight’ makes its way into the evocative and mournful, ‘Hang For Now’, an excursion of deep and dark colors, of languid memories. ’Spirochaetales’ offers a deeper, brooding menace that doesn’t necessarily take you back to a particular time so much as it takes you to some alternate, cryptic dimension. ’Stucco-lath’ feeds us more spectral machine music as ‘Beaconstown’ edges further into the underground world of experimental techno. ‘Little Island’ slowly steers us toward the future and we discover ‘Mau III’ looming on the horizon which provides more studies into electro rhythms and creative sound design intricacies.

‘The Nudge’, with its unsettled low end that wobbles and whirls encompasses a multitude of intriguing subtleties. Along with interesting bursts of higher frequency jabs, there is balanced nature to this journey. Another quick idea floats by with ‘Merchant of Menace’ as ‘Quizmaster General slowly evolves with it’s foggy gloom, enveloping all it touches. ‘Now Everybody’, brings us to the end of things, with its slow, evenly paced notes and a graceful tea-kettlesque synth moan that truly has an otherworldly cadence. The chilly refinements on this album make ‘The Idiot’ a true intellectual pleasure. A masterfully crafted work that underscores that this duo exists in their own world. featured release : Droptek - Symbiosis Remixed Part 1 Deluxe Edition : Korsakov Music

Reload: ‘Symbiosis’ dropped, April 2019. A deeply personal body of work for young UK artist Lewis Munns, the album was a bold statement of intent that galvanised his transition from 140-oriented music to something a little faster, spicier, slicker and deadlier and showed he was here to stay. It was a strong move for the label, too. At the time Korsakov Music were only four releases deep, but the label bossman AL/SO was so inspired by the album, he had to release it… And, more importantly, do it justice.

Justice was served: Noisia, Mefjus, Koven, Camo & Krooked, Black Sun Empire, Muzz and Levela all hammered the originals, ensuring the album’s status as one of the most accomplished D&B LP debuts of the year. Now, 15 months later, it’s time for a whole new hammering. Once again, an all-star cast of D&B protagonists are involved.

Nine versions heavy, ‘Symbiosis Remixed’ takes Droptek’s signature gritty, sharp-edged tech funk and places it in the hands of a wide-ranging collective of artists who are all in exciting, inspired places in their career. Joe Ford’s opening take on ‘Sentient’ is a perfect example as it sets the tone in that purring, restrained way he’s become loved for. Many more examples follow: Russian neuro royalty Gydra go all-out ruffhouse funk on ‘Devoid’, Skantia showcases his stripped-back techno tendencies on ‘Extrapolate’, Audio goes all halftime hurter on ‘Comply’ and InsideInfo blends about five fiery flavours on ‘Minutiae’ in that one-of-a-kind trip way only he knows how. The list goes on…
Each remix capturing best essence of Droptek’s original while taking it in a whole new direction and ensuring his album continues to be done justice long after its release.

Let’s hope this painful wait for that first post-lockdown rave doesn’t take as long. In the meantime, allow these precision remixes unleash a little frustration. And buckle-up; like all the best dream line-ups, this is only phase one! Two more remix bundles are set to drop imminently… featured release : Duswunder - Plated Body : All Centre

The EP kicks off with Adorned, immediately introducing Duswunder’s characteristically complex sound design. Enchanting pads lay the foundation before giving way to a disorientating DnB-adjacent rhythm. From here refined, abrasive textures dominate whilst tender melodies lurk beneath. The track reaches its peak with a dizzying arpeggiated melody, eventually giving way to the subdued choral pads.

The next track is Loccc, slowing the tempo but keeping the intensity strong. A range of meticulously manipulated percussive noises weave around intricate drum patterns. The track eventually breaks down, resembling something of a malfunctioning machine, as stunning melodic lines rise from the corroding rhythms.

We then find ourselves with the interlude Sprung. An exercise in space and weight, the track contrasts moments of enthralling intensity and near-silence, punctuated by shimmering synths and affecting vocal samples.

Duswunder closes the EP with Evo. The track gradually brings the energy back up to an apex with the introduction of driving kicks, accented by morphing percussion hits and alluring voices. Emotive melodic elements lie beneath the driving rhythms, brought to the forefront as the track breaks down, before closing out with another arresting rhythmic assault. featured release : Mumukshu - Dont Speak EP : Addictech Records

Mumukshu's patented brand of subterranean bass music takes on new, brutish mutations in the Don't Speak EP. "Whatever it's Worth" and "Don't Speak" smash through the stereo field like a pair of tactical ICMBs, pushing precision percussion through its paces in tandem with vicious breakdowns and tactile sound design. Reinventing the EP's sonic impact under the same umbrella, both tracks also feature fleshed out halftime remixes, showcasing a potent production versatility, and setting up the release for any number of mixing combinations. As with all other Mumukshu releases, the Don't Speak EP should be your absolute next stop for high fidelity, rib-shaking system music.

Displaying 41 to 45 (of 957 features) «Previous   1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  Next»