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Displaying 51 to 55 (of 957 features) «Previous  ... 11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  Next» featured release : Various Artists - Rhythm Code 5 : Shanti Planti

The fifth electrifying entry to Shanti Planti’s annual compilation series, ‘Rhythm Code 5’ unites the musical visions of over twenty artists from across the globe in a tale of converging minds and shapeshifting realities. Drawing energy from a menacing fusion of dark, surreal, and heavy-hitting electronic styles, these protean creations speak to the essence of psychedelic music in their deployment of rapturous basslines, mind-bending melodies, and full-spectrum acoustics. Hitting on every tempo and extracting the raw essence of what those landscapes can offer, Shanti Planti and its expanding cohort of sonic mystics invite listeners to peel back the layers separating these realms and relish in the universal rhythms embedded within all creation. featured release : Sonic Junkie - Horizon Bent : Time Resonance Music

Horizon Bent is the debut EP from Brooklyn-based producer, Sonic Junkie. It is the culmination of many hours of experimentation in an attempt to combine captivating melodies with machine-driven, mangled, poly-rhythmic beats and tweaked glitch effects, with a strong emphasis on maintaining balance between the two contrasting worlds. The goal was to infuse emotional beauty through melodies into the world of machines without disrupting the sense of appreciation and fascination associated with synthesized sounds and the world of machines in general. featured release : Doctor Jeep - Unreal : Unchained Recordings

ith a release trajectory spanning Global Bass, UK Funky, Halftime, Dubstep and more, Doctor Jeep has repeatedly proven himself a versatile artist over the years, with releases on tasteful imprints such as Bun The Grid, Tumble Audio, Aufect and his own label DRX.

Unchained is excited to be pushing forward his new direction in sound from literally the opposite end of the globe in Asia.

Doctor Jeep’s Unreal EP, consisting of three raw energetic dance floor tracks could be one of his broadest statements to date, serving up a blend that tastes just as much of Grime and Jungle as it does Drum & Bass.

The title track, “Unreal", a two-stepping vocal-hook gem, has already caused a commotion on Boiler Room and Rinse FM. Attracting the support and praise of Sherelle, Fixate, J:Kenzo, and Jon1st to name a few, expect to hear this track echoing across bass scene on the regular.

“Clarity” is a collaborative project with Canada’s Tamarak (one half of Daega Sound). Whilst the track’s unmistakable 'dirty roller' aspect will satisfy Drum’n’Bass purists, its sonic elements ooze Grime and Jungle. Be prepared for a musical journey layered with it’s evolving grimey wobbly bassline, 3-step kicks and jungly rhythms.

"Angel VIP” weighs in at 164 beats per minute and flows with a buzzing energetic bounce, breakbeat and vocal hook to round off an EP with more dance floor brilliance of the "Jeep” variety. featured release : Craftal - Lullabytes : The Rust Music

Brandishing cerebral glitches and phosphorescent tones, Craftal’s Lullabytes is downtempo electronica in the form of a berceuse. Leaving behind traditional dance-centric arrangements, Lullabytes is distinctly amorphic, with tracks ebbing and flowing into one another with marked fluidity.

There’s a particularly granular approach to composition across the LP, and each arrangement resembles a circular journey, as opposed to a linear story. It’s the sort of musical odyssey that exudes narrative, sans any real words, immersing the listener in a potpourri of hues and emotions.

From the precision sound design, to the various modalities and musical amblings, Lullabytes is sure to deliver a cranial massage on par with Craftal’s zeroed-in musicianship. featured free release : Mindality - Nodes : Black Moon Syndicate

A soupy, slurky, expedition into thoughtfully crafted psychedelic bops. Mindtality brings the vibes proper in his newest 4 track EP on Black Moon Syndicate! Grab it now and add it to your collection for free.

Displaying 51 to 55 (of 957 features) «Previous  ... 11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20 ...  Next»